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New Year Message from Soobeen
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Hello, portal members.
Really nice to meet you.
Happy new year to you all.
I have been really happy for last year thanks to the "The Painter of the Wind".
I will come back with a new movie called "Ae-Ja" in 2009.
Please look forward to this and let's have fun in the Portal.
Wish you all the best for a new year~~!!!

Luke 2009년 01월 11일 22시 42분 04초
Happy Soobeen Year... :-)
Khalaban 2009년 01월 12일 06시 22분 08초
Hello Mr. Bae Soo Bin.Happy new year to you too.I and all Iranian people wish you the best.Thanks
rossie 2009년 01월 21일 23시 38분 32초
Dear Soo-bin ssi... hope it is not too late to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009... Be happy, be healthy and be at peace! From your fan, Singapore :-)
ranie 2011년 09월 01일 10시 42분 23초
Am new to this portal but so happy to get the chance to see this video -Soo Bin you're adorable! It's 2011 already and Bae Soo Bin is shining still. I wish him many more years of success, happiness and good health. -Your fan, Portland OR.


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