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Soobeen's video message to Soobeen Portal (as of May 9, 2007)
마에스트로  070911 11:55, View : 905

5월 19일에 뎅글님이 찍어오신 영상 메세지인데,
오늘 파일로 전환받았습니다.  많이 기다리셨죠? :-)
눈팅족 수빈씨도 아니 영상은 찍어가서 왜 안올리나..궁금하셨을듯...(퍽!!!)

피곤할텐데 포탈에 다정감한 메세지 남겨준 수빈씨,
영상 찍어다주신 뎅글님께 감사드립니다.

플레이 버튼을 눌러주세요.

원본은 꽤 큰데, 파일 용량을 줄이느라 화질 & 사이즈를 손봤습니다. 클럽박스에도 올려두도록 할께요. ^^


This is a translation version for our foreign fan.

What he said:

(is it ready? I see a red light on)
Hello~!  Portal members,
I am always watching the site. Thank you very much.
I have a little sore throat right now, (as an excuse of his hoarse voice), I'll recover soon, for these days I shout a lot on the stage.

I saw the renewal of the site a few days ago when I logged on.
Wow...you must've put much of your energy.
That really made me think I really have to do my best, indeed.  

I am very thankful as always, and I know you are watching and supporting me carefully and enthusiastically. I'll try to do my best to meet your expectation. Keep on watching me, please.

Congratulations! (for the renewal)


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